Sunday, 21 October 2012

A random fact about the dolls!

Each doll will list a random fact about them!

Matilda:- She loves frogs. And she hates jeans.
Merridy:- Wishes that she was a brunette.
Mackenzie:- Won a cooking competition when she was 7.
Kira:- Hates summer. Way too hot for her.
Jasmine:- Really longs for a kitten, though she nevers mentions it.
Kelsey:- Longs to be a famous singer. She's written heaps of songs and hides her songbook under my bed. Only her big sister, Matilda, knows about it.
Amy:- Is a psychic. She sometimes see's her relatives from 100 years agoo!
McKenna:- Has a twin sister, like Mackenzie and Kira are twins!

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